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Dollar Max was founded in 1989 by Mr. Wu. We were the first stores in Canada who combined the concept of discount and dollar store. Dollar Max now has 10 stores with more than 40, 000 items in stock. We work with over 150 suppliers and employ more then 100 employees. Our stores offer a variety of range of everyday consumer products, general merchandise, decorative products, party, craft and seasonal items. We are like mixture of several specialty stores combined into one. Our merchandise are well layed out and easy to find. The huge variety of items we carry along with everyday low prices make Dollar Max a unique store unlike any other dollar stores on the market.

Informations for suppliers

Retailer since: 1986
Locations: 10
Store sizes: 10,000-25,000 sq.ft.
Concept: Discount stores with a wide selection of products for every day needs.
Products price range: 50% or merchandise for 1$, 30% of merchandise up to 5$ and 20% 10$ and more.
Selection: over 40,000 different items in stock
Number of suppliers: over 150
Number of employees: over 100
Flagship store in Boucherville (25,000 sq. ft.)

Mr. Min-Sea Wu came to Canada in 1986 from Taiwan, where he was running an international freight company. That same year, after extensive research, he opened his first gift store with a plan to develop the idea into a whole chain. In 1989, while traveling in the USA, Mr. Wu visited a dollar store. With this concept in mind he decided to open a similar store in Montreal. Just a few months later his first dollar store ''Dollar City'', which was 1700 sq.ft was opened. The concept was so successful that with the help of few investors and in a short period of time he opened sven other stores. The new chain was name ''Dollar Empire'' and was operating on a franchise base. In 1991, Mr. Wu decided to go on his own and opened his own big dollar store, which he named Dollar Max. Today Dollar Max has 7 locations including a 25,000 sq.fr. flagship super store.

What people say about us

''Variety of products and merchandising makes Dollar Max special''

John Mosttoupoulos

Power Trading

The Dollar Max team is very creative and as a result all the stores look great

Jay Ingber

H.R.S. Global

For us Dollar Max is a AAA customer. Store operations, ordering system and payments makes him one of the leading retailers in Canada among independent discount stores

Herbie Glazer

Glazers Inc.

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